IB Neighborhood Traffic Management Program

While driving around the community, you may have seen some additions to our streets. We have received feedback from our community of some areas that need a little traffic “calming” to improve the safety in residential areas.

Well when our residents tell us they don’t feel safe, we do everything we can to change that, so our street division has been installing a series of temporary traffic calming measures. What calming measures you ask? Well, the measures we are installing include a total of 5 speed humps and two traffic circles on Donax and Elm between 7th Street and 9th Street.

These improvements have been installed per the City’s approved Neighborhood Traffic Management Program, which provides a community-driven set of procedures and tools for addressing traffic safety issues in residential neighborhoods.  These data-driven measures have been installed in response to reports of excessive speed in the neighborhood, which was confirmed by the City’s radar equipment.  These temporary measures will remain in place for approximately 6 months so staff can monitor and assess any changes in speed data as well as receive comments from the neighborhood and the rest of the Imperial Beach community.

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