Beach Erosion Causing Safety Concerns

Some of our residents and visitors may be new to the area and have not experienced the dynamic nature of the coastline in Imperial Beach. Several years of only moderate beach erosion, and the beach nourishment project in 2012, resulted in conditions different that those we are having this winter. This year, the winter storms, large surf, and some of the highest tides of the year have changed the appearance of the beach. A lot of the sand has been scoured away, but most of it will return in the summer months. These conditions have created some hazards that are unfamiliar to some beach goers. Many of the properties in Imperial Beach are protected from impacts of the ocean by revetments or sea walls. The revetments are typically very larges rocks carefully placed to diffuse the force of the water and protect the property behind the structure. Sea walls are a more vertical, often concrete, wall that essentially perform the same function.

When the sand levels are lower, as they are now, a larger portion of the revetment is exposed and on occasion, the rocks can move or even fall. It is very important to remain at a safe distance from the revetment and never climb on the rocks. Some of the street ends are designated to provide access to the beach and do not have a revetment or sea wall. Admiralty is that type of facility so when the ocean currents approach the beach at just the right angle, significant erosion can occur very quickly. Currently, the Admiralty street end has experienced a lot of erosion and it is very unstable. Please do not use, park upon, walk on or visit the Admiralty street end. Until it is repaired, use of the street end is limited to residents who live immediately adjacent to Admiralty. The City will take the necessary steps to complete the repairs, which may require various forms of permitting and engineering, and it might be a few weeks before the work can be completed. We understand curiosity and the desire to see Mother Nature at work, but please respect the property of others by staying off the revetments, and help us keep people safe by avoiding the Admiralty street end. Your safety is our number one priority!

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