Lifeguards Respond to Border Fence Rescue

On February 24th, Imperial Beach lifeguards responded to a request for assistance by the U.S. Border Patrol at the border fence for an individual who was trapped under the wall and in danger of drowning. The weather conditions provided poor visibility with heavy fog and it was difficult to detect the individual at first.

Upon arrival to the scene, Lifeguard Sergeant Trevor Spence and Lifeguard Bryan Widlund discovered the individual was trapped under the fence. When the tide rose, the individual became submerged with each wave and could not breath until the water receded. Lifeguards Aram Yashu and Chris Sefcik also responded by personal watercraft carrying scuba gear.

In addition to the hazards of the rusty border fence, the lifeguards fought through razor wire to rescue the individual. The individual was safely removed and surrendered to Border Patrol agents. Our crew did sustain lacerations treated with stitches due to the razor wire, but all remain safe due to the heroic actions of our Imperial Beach lifeguards.

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